maria pomiansky: are artists still needed

9 June - 21 July 2023

a publik is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of works by maria pomiansky.


the exhibition surveys the artist's ongoing interest in the community around her and the relationship between artworks and people, including digital engagement and material exchange. maria pomiansky documents her environment with a keen sense for both humour and melancholy. she often captures the ephemeral nature of artistic interventions and seemingly solid constructions in our urban surroundings which may be changed or entirely removed by the time the viewer is confronted with her work.


maria pomiansky lives and works in zürich and has exhibited widely across switzerland and internationally over the last two decades. most recently, her work was included in 2022 in the werkschau des kanton zürich at haus konstruktiv, in the exhibition take care at kunsthaus zürich and in the exhibition new barbizon at rosenblut & friedman gallery madrid. in 2021 she was awarded the swiss art award.