andrew graves, andrea muheim: drifting

25 January - 1 March 2024

a publik is pleased to present the exhibition "drifting", bringing together the unique artistic positions of andrew graves and andrea muheim. 


andrew graves, known for his evocative use of colour and form, presents a series of works where abstraction meets emotion. the paintings invite the viewer to surrender to a state of quietude and contemplation, yet deliver an almost inescapable positivity that filters back into our representational reality. graves' work captures the essence of drifting, both in the literal sense of movement and in the contemplative exploration of shifting emotions.


andrea muheim's oeuvre develops alongside everyday life: its experiences and observations, private moments and general settings painted with an attitude oscillating between almost prosaic statement and intense sensibility. the works in the exhibition explore nightly city scenes and foggy mountain scapes. these paintings invite viewers to engage in a thoughtful exploration of the limits between depiction and abstraction, drifting through spaces where the tangible and intangible intersect.


through the synergy of graves and muheim's artistic expressions, the exhibition becomes a contemplation on the beauty found in the act of drifting - navigating the currents of existence with grace and introspection. 


andrew graves (*1967) lives and works in london. he has recently been included in group exhibitions at flowers gallery, london (2023, 2022) and marlborough gallery, london (2023) and had a solo exhibition at frans kasl projects, eindhoven (2023). andrew graves completed his doctorate exploring contemporary painterly abstraction in 2016. 


andrea muheim (1968-2023) lived and worked in zürich. she had a solo exhibition at villa renata, basel (2022), in conjunction with which the comprehensive monograph "malerei als selbstgespräch" was published. she received the keller-wedekind art prize 2021 and has recently been included in group exhibitions including at helmhaus, zürich (2022), kunstmuseum olten (2022), haus für kunst uri, altdorf (2021) and museum franz gertsch, burgdorf (2020).